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Building Permit Issuance

Building Permit Issuance, with the Building and Safety Department

[email protected] 

Once you have obtained all your clearances and your permit is ready to issue, please email [email protected] to request permit issuance. Be sure to include your permit number(s).

Staff will review your request and either request missing items or issue the permit online and provide instructions on how to download.

There will be instances where staff will contact you when a permit is ready to issue, in which case you will receive the following email, with instructions.

Sample Email to Customer – Prior to Issuance Instructions

Prior to Issuance  

Plan Check is complete for the permit number noted above.  However, additional clearances, fees and conditions of approval must be satisfied prior to issuance.  Please see attached Building Permit Progress Report and visit PLUS Online to view additional requirements.

Click on the following link for more detailed instructions.  

If you have any questions regarding clearances, please contact the appropriate departments as listed on the attached Building Permit Progress report.

Once all clearances are obtained and fees are paid, email [email protected] to request permit issuance.  Please allow three business days to process your request.

Ready to Issue

Once the permit has been issued, the customer will receive the following email with instructions. Please follow them carefully, as the job card and plans must be present at the job site for all inspections, or the inspection may be canceled.

Issuance  - sample email to customer

The above permit has been issued.  Please visit PLUS Online to download and print the following items:

(All items must be present on the job site for inspections.)

1. Job Card – if able, please print on card stock

2. Approved/Stamped Plans must be printed:

  • Full Size – Appropriate for scale used
  • Legible – not blurred or too small to read
  • Color – All stamps easily visible If you have any questions regarding clearances or other requirements, please email [email protected].