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How to Apply

How to Apply for a Building Permit with the Building and Safety Department 

Step 1 – Register for an Online Account

  1. If you have not already done so, register for a PLUS Online account at Once registered, when you are ready to apply you can log in to and go straight to the “Apply” button.

Step 2 – Prepare for your submittal 

  1. Applications with a complete job description are required to be uploaded along with your plans and any other required documents. Master Applications have been created that can be downloaded and filled out electronically. The Master Applications will also include all the forms required for an initial standard submittal.

Application Examples

2. Visit the Building and Safety website for additional instructions on specific permit types as they may require additional forms, documents or submittals.

Step 3 – Apply Online 

  1. Go to and apply for your permit online. For instructions on how to upload correctly, please see the next tile, titled Uploads.
  2. There are a select few permits that allow you to apply directly for the permit type you require, for example solar permits (Solar Roof Mount – Residential). Please choose the correct permit type.
  3. If you are unsure of the permit type, select the Universal Permit Application and be descriptive as possible in the Description Field, so that we can better assist you.
  4. If you have questions on how to register or apply online please email, [email protected]

What Happens Next? 

  1. Staff will process your permit application in the order it was received (by date). If you are checking on whether your permit has been reviewed, please note that if the status is still in “Applied Online” it has not yet been reviewed. If the status is in Pending, Pending Payment, Pending Review you know it is being worked on.
  2. After initial review the Applicant will be contacted for payment due. An Invoice will be sent to the listed Applicant, which is the financially responsible, billing contact. Fees are due prior to continuing the permit process. Payment is required within 72 hours of the invoice or the permit will be voided, and you will need to reapply when you are ready to pay.
  3. The Contacts on the permit, usually the Applicant, Owner, Representative, Contractor or Engineer, will be notified if there are corrections or missing items that must be submitted prior to plan check or issuance.
  4. Once all corrections and required submittals are received staff will guide you to the next steps, which would be either;
  • Plan check
  • Obtain department clearances
  • Ready for Issuance