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Riverside County SolarAPP+

SolarAPP+ will be generally available to all contractors beginning on September 30, 2023


1. Eligibility to use SolarAPP+

  • Single Family Dwelling Rooftop, Permitted, Residential structures only.
  • Located in Riverside County and not under any city jurisdiction.
  • Must be a licensed contractor registered with SolarAPP+
  • For a full list of requirements, please click here.
  • Eligible Design Criteria Range:

           A53 Windspeed: 130 MPH

           Seismic Design Category: SDC E

           A54 Local Ground Snow Load: 30 PSF

          Ambient Dry Bulb Low Temperature: 0 degrees Celsius 

         Ambient Dry Bulb High Temperature: 40 degrees Celsius 

  • Please reference our handout for Snow Loads and Wind Design here
  • Maximum of 15KW system size

2. Submit for Automated Review Through SolarAPP+

  • Submit your design to .
  • Click Login or Register to get started.                                                                                 
  • A $25 processing fee will be charged by the SolarAPP+ website. 
  • Once submittal has been accepted and approved, please note your approval ID number
  • Click here for a demonstration on SolarAPP+

3. Required County of Riverside Application Documents

4. Apply for Permit                                                           

  • Apply for your permit .
  • Click Apply
  • Search SolarAPP+ in the search bar
  • Apply for the applicable SolarAPP+ Express permit application type
  • Provide your SolarAPP+ approval ID number and upload your plans, specifications and SolarAPP+ documents
  • Pay applicable fees
  • Download and print your Permit and Job Card
  • Riverside County Fire Department requires that all battery energy storage systems be submitted for their review and inspection. Please contact the Riverside County Fire Department at to obtain approval prior to the first Building and Safety Inspection.


5. Getting an Inspection

  • Call Dispatch at 951-955-1800 (Option 5, then Option 1) to schedule your inspection
  • Have your Permit, Job Card, Site Plan, SolarAPP+ Approval Document and Specification Sheet available on site for inspection