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Street Vending in Riverside County

Street vending is legal in the State of California, but you must do it legally. Do it legally, not just for your health and benefit but for the health and safety of the people you plan to serve. In Riverside County, we have adopted some simple rules. Let us show you how easy it is to make your food vending business legal in our County.

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Street Vending Requirements 

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Department of Environmental Health - Health Permit

Transportation Department  - Encroachment Permit

Code Enforcement - Requirements and Restrictions


Street vendor operating food cart legally

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Street Vending is Not Allowed on the Following Streets:

Click the map to view a  larger image of where vending is not permissible

(Cities may have their own zoning restrictions)

Map of areas where vendors cannot sell food and goods


  • Cajalco Rd. (Between Harvill Ave & Temescal Canyon Rd.)
  • El Sobrante Rd. (Between Cajalco Rd. & La Sierra Ave.)
  • Gilman Springs Rd (Between SH-60 & State St)
  • Ramona Expressway (Between Rider St & Warren Rd)
  • Ramona Expressway (Between Hemet St & SH-74)
  • Van Buren Blvd. (Between Mocking Bird Canyon Rd. & Wood Rd.) Van Buren Blvd. (Between Barton Rd. & I-215)
  • Grand Ave. (Between Marie Dr. & Corydon Rd.)
  • Old Elsinore Rd. (Between Clark St. & San Jacinto Ave.)
  • Sage Rd. (Between Cactus Valley Rd. & SH-79)
  • Rancho California Rd. (Between Borel Rd. & Butterfield Stage Rd. Stetson Ave. (Between San Jacinto St. & Stanford St.) 
  • Highway 74 (Between City of Perris to City of Lake Elsinore)
  • Reche Canyon Rd. (Between Reche Vista Dr. & San Bernardino County)
  • San Timoteo Canyon Rd. (Between Beaumont & Live Oak Canyon Rd.) Washington St. (Between Varner Rd & 42nd Ave.)
  • Harrison St. (Between 54th Ave. & 81st Ave.)
  • Thousand Palms Canyon Rd. (Between Ramon Rd. & Dillon Rd.) Dillon Rd (Between Palm Dr. & Ave 44)
  • Palm Dr. (Between Varner Rd. & Dillon Rd.)
  • Grapefruit Blvd. (Between 66th Ave. & Airport Blvd.)
Bilingual street vending directions