The Transportation Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of approximately 2600 miles of roads located within the unincorporated areas of Riverside County.  To submit a request for road repairs within the County Maintained Road System you may call (951) 955-6899 to submit your request by phone or complete the form below to report:

  • Potholes
  • Downed Street Signs
  • Traffic Signal Outages
  • Tree Trimming Requests
  • Other road related repairs

First Name
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Please provide detailed description of requested repair:

If the requested repairs are located on a road segment within the County Maintained Road System, the repair request will be added to our repair scheduling data base. 

But what if the requested repair is on a road segment that is not in the County Maintained Road System? What then? The answer to this question is far more complex.

The ability of the Transportation Department to provide services on these roads is limited by current legislation and regulations. In other words, it is generally against the law to use the Transportation Department's public funds for the purpose of providing roadway maintenance or improvements on roads that are not in the County Maintained Road System. This does not necessarily mean that you are without help. The County can provide assistance in limited ways. As stated above, issues related to providing service and support for these road segments is more complex.

In an effort to clarify our support options, we have prepared a brochure that answers most of the common questions regarding what we can do to help in these circumstances:

Public Assistance for Roadway Maintenance & Improvements on Non County Roads