Road and Bridge Benefit District (RBBD) - The Road and Bridge Benefit Districts were established through Ordinance 460 to defray the cost of road and bridge improvements to an established area of benefit. There are currently four (4) Road and Bridge Benefit Districts in Riverside County administered by the Transportation Department: Southwest, Mira Loma, Menifee Valley and Scott Road. For more information on Road and Bridge Benefit Districts, CLICK HERE.

DIF - The Development Impact Fee program covers all portions of unincorporated Riverside County. It provides funds for a variety of public facilities that are both transportation and non-transportation related, including various roads, bridges and traffic signals. The Development Impact Fee program established separate rates for each Area Plan provided through the Riverside County General Plan. The Development Impact Fee program is administered by the Riverside County Executive Office and was adopted through Ordinance No. 659.

Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF) - The Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee programs provide funds for transportation facilities of major regional significance, such as interchanges, roads and bridges.  Riverside County is a participant, along with various cities, in two regional Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee programs, which are administered by the Western Riverside Council of Governments in Western Riverside County and by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments in the Coachella Valley. Riverside County adopted the Western Riverside County TUMF through Ordinance No. 824 and the Coachella Valley TUMF through Ordinance No. 673.

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