RFP: Limonite Avenue/I-15 Interchange Project

The County of Riverside Transportation Department (COUNTY) is seeking proposals from qualified engineering professionals to provide construction management services for the Limonite Avenue/I-15 Interchange Project.  The project proposes to replace the existing Limonite Avenue overcrossing bridge, widen the roadway from four lanes to six lanes and reconstruct the ramps to provide a partial clover leaf ramps in the southeast and northwest quadrants. The on and off ramp gore points will be extended to provide longer acceleration and deceleration capacity.


The project is located within the jurisdictions of Caltrans and the Cities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley (CITIES).  The County is acting as the lead agency.  Coordination with the partnering agencies will be required.  All work will be conducted and prepared in accordance with Caltrans and/or CITIES practices, regulations, policies, procedures, manuals, and standards, as appropriate and includes compliance with Federal Highway Administration requirements.


The selected firm will be responsible for providing comprehensive construction management services including but not limited to a constructability review of the bid documents, administration of the construction contract, monitoring work progress, community outreach, materials testing, construction surveying and environmental monitoring. The selected firm is encouraged to employ and/or use local personnel and firms in the prosecution of the proposed work.


Consultants will need to submit proposals for the Limonite Avenue/I-15 Interchange Project as described in Appendix A, Scope of Services of this RFP.  Proposals submitted by Consultants will serve as the basis for developing a short list of firms that will be invited to provide oral presentations and be interviewed.


Notice is hereby provided regarding the availability of a Request for Proposal. Consultants wishing to submit Proposals in response to this Request for Proposals (RFP) can download the RFP from the link provided below:


Limonite Interchange Construction Management Services RFP (pdf)
Limonite Interchange Construction Management Services RFP Addendum No. 1 (pdf)


The closing date for submission of proposals in response to this request is June 29, 2017 at 4:00 PM.


Additional support material related to the above RFP is provided below:


Vicinity Map for the Limonite Avenue/I-15 Interchange Project

Appendix A – Construction Management Scope of Services

Appendix B - Sample Format for Cost Proposal

Draft Engineering Services Agreement

Consultant Evaluation Rating Form to be used by the Evaluation Committee

Draft Plans  Part 1  |   Part 2  |   Part 3 (Separated into 3 files due to large file size)

Draft Specifications

Draft Engineer’s Estimate

Intersection Traffic Counts (per Addendum No. 1)

Exhibit 10-Q “Disclosure of Lobbying Activities” (per Addendum No. 1)

Mandatory Pre-proposal meeting sign in sheet (per Addendum No. 1)

Questions and Responses – June 8, 2017 (per Addendum No. 1)

Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting Power Point Presentation (per Addendum No. 1)