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Counter Services


The Survey Counter Section, now located on the 8th floor of the Riverside County Administration Center (CAC), provides and maintains public information, including:

  • Assistance to the public in locating maps or other information pertaining to property
  • Assistance to surveyors, engineers, title officers, and others in researching projects
  • Record keeping information on maps and other documents within the Transportation Department
  • Survey maps and notes
  • Final Parcel Maps
  • Final Tract Maps
  • Records of Survey
  • Benchmarks
  • Corner Records
  • Tie Books
  • Improvement Plans (street, sewer, water, lighting, etc.)
  • Other land development and transportation related data
  • Providing paper copies of requested research documents
  • Updating indexing information for these public records 

The Survey Counter Section is also responsible for:

  • Issuing Final Parcel Map Numbers and Final Tract Map Numbers for all maps in Riverside County, including cities
  • Accepting fees for review of projects within the “Unincorporated Territory of the County of Riverside," including:

- Final Parcel Maps
  - Final Tract Maps
- Monument Inspections
- Certificates of Compliance
Certificates of Correction
Corner Records
Street Vacations – General or Summary
Street Name Changes
Naming of Unnamed Roads
Miscellaneous Survey Services

Survey & Right-of-way Forms
Survey & Right-of-way Brochures
TLMA Online Document Search Tool
Map My County Application

Tim Rayburn, Supervising Land Surveyor
(951) 955-6700

Yvonne Porter, Secretary II
(951) 955-6700


4080 Lemon Street
8th Floor
PO Box 1090
Riverside, CA 92502-1090