David L. McMillan

County Surveyor

County Surveyor

The County Surveyor's Division is responsible for all land surveying functions within the Transportation Department and offers its services to other County Departments and local agencies. This Division performs field surveys including preliminary, property, construction and geodetic (including GPS) surveys; provides public information and keeps land surveying and public right-of-way records; performs office analysis of all field surveys; performs and reviews right-of-way work for Transportation projects and private developments, reviews LAFCO documents, and checks and recommends for approval street names; performs Tract and Parcel Map checking, Record of Survey and Corner Record checking, and the review of Lot Line Adjustments, Mergers, and Certificates of Compliance.

Our goal is to provide the Transportation Department, other County departments and the public with information and assistance that will complete any project or request in a timely and professional manner. We can be contacted at (951) 955-6700 or by e-mail click here.

For your use and information below are the sections within the Survey Division. Please feel free to click open the areas for information on our services. For employment opportunities see the area noted as such.


Administrative Staff

Our dependence on the work performed by our clerical staff is immeasurable. Besides being the focal point for staff they also provide the public with Parcel/Tract Numbers for all subdivisions within Riverside County, including the cities. They also process submittals for all County Final Parcel/Tract Maps, Records of Survey, Corner Records and Right-of-Way projects.


Field Crews

Counter Services

Geodetic & Survey Analysis Section

Right-of-way & Street Name Section

Land Development & Map Check Section