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Ethanac Road/State Route 74/Nichols Road Corridor Project

The County of Riverside Transportation Department is seeking technical proposals from qualified professional engineering and environmental firms to prepare a Project Study Report-Project Development Support document for the Ethanac Road, State Route 74 and Nichols Road Corridor Project.

The Ethanac/Highway 74 Corridor is a critically important intra-county route. It connects the Cities of Hemet, San Jacinto, Menifee, Perris and Lake Elsinore, and the unincorporated communities of Winchester, Homeland, Romoland, Goodhope, Meadowbrook, and Warm Springs. The Ethanac/Highway 74 Corridor and the Cajalco/Ramona Expressway are planned to function as the primary east-west, non- freeway arterial routes that are centrally located to serve all of Western Riverside County.

The County and the Cities of Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Perris desire to pursue a cooperative planning process to connect Ethanac Road as a direct route between Antelope Road in Romoland and Highway 74 in Meadowbrook, and to establish a new connection from Highway 74 near Warm Springs to the Nichols Road interchange at 1- 15. These new connections would save about 5 miles of circuitous detours as traffic now heads north on 1-215, then back south again through Perris, and continues on Highway 74 into Lake Elsinore, through heavily-traveled, developed areas with numerous driveways and access points that are not conducive to the efficient movement of regional traffic.

The extension of Ethanac as a direct route would require building about a two-mile "missing link" from where the road terminates at the east bank of the San Jacinto River westerly to connect to SR 74 in Meadowbrook. It would include a bridge crossing over the San Jacinto River and Goodhope Wash and a railroad grade separation at the easterly road connection by Case/Mathews Road. The Nichols connection through Warm Springs to Highway 74 would include building about 1.5 miles of new road. These improvements may be done in phases as funding becomes available.

The County and the Cities of Lake Elsinore, Menifee and Perris wish to study the Ethanac Road/State Route 74/Nichols Corridor Routes.  The corridor to be studied would include the two-mile missing link, bridge crossing, grade separation, and new road. The study will need to be a comprehensive corridor study that evaluates multimodal options including transit and active transportation concepts, as these mobility options are essential components of a comprehensive system.

The services to be performed under this RFP are the environmental and engineering services necessary to prepare a Project Study Report-Project Development Support document in accordance with the California Department of Transportations (Caltrans) Project Development Procedures Manual.  It is anticipated that construction of the project will be funded in part with federal funds.

Consultant wishing to submit proposals in response to this RFP can download the RFP by clicking the link below:

Ethanac Road-State Route 74-Nichols Road Corridor Project (pdf)

Ethanac Road-State Route 74-Nichols Road Corridor Project (Addendum No. 1) (pdf)

A Draft Request for Technical Proposals for the Ethanac Road/State Route 74/Nichols Road Corridor Project was inadvertently posted this morning, January 29, 2016. Please disregard the previous version of this RFP and use the newly posted RFP.

 The closing date for the submission of the RFP in response to this request is March 1, 2016 at 4:00 PM.



Additional Information:

Consultant Evaluation Form.pdf  (Revised per Addendum No. 1)

Draft Engineering Service Agreement.pdf

Ethanac Road-State Route 74-Nichols Road Corridor Location Map.pdf

Ethanac Road from I-215 to RR Crossing Exhibit.pdf

Excel Template Sample for Cost Proposals & Man-hour

Ethanac Road from SR-74 to I-215 Exhibit.pdf

Peliminary Enginerring Study Report for Ethanac Road Gap Closure Project.pdf

Nichols Road I-15 to SR-74 Exhibit.pdf