Drought Awareness


Be Water Wise - Save our Water


Make water conservation a daily habit in your household. Every Californian can save water with simple steps like those listed below. The small changes that can be made even by the youngest members of the household will help make a difference.


Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1. Fix broken or leaking pipes - Save up to 110 gallons each month.

2. Only fill the Bathtub half way or less -  Save up to 12 gallons per bath.

3. Reduce the time for your shower to 5 minutes - Save up to 12 gallons per shower.

4. Turn water off while brushing teeth or shaving - Save up to 10 gallons per person per day.

5. Wash FULL loads of dishes and clothes - Save up to 5-15 gallons for dishwashing and 15-45 gallons for washer.

6. Use Energy Efficient Appliances and High Efficiency Toilet's.

7. Adjust / Fix Sprinkler Heads - Save up to 12-15 gallons each time you water.

8. Use a broom to clean outdoor areas - Save up to 10 gallons per minute.

9. Set Mower blades to 3' - Encourages deeper roots and saves up to 15-50 gallons per day.

10. Plant Drought resistant trees / plants and use mulch.

For additional helpful tips on saving water, please visit:

 Flood Control Drought Portal  -  http://www.floodcontrol.co.riverside.ca.us/FloodSafety.aspx

Report Water Waste at www.SaveWater.ca.gov

Visit the new State of California website www.savewater.ca.gov to report water waste anywhere in the state.

Report Water Waste to Your Local Water Agency

Your local water agency is your best resource for reporting water waste. Many agencies have water waste email addresses, hotlines and even smartphone apps!


Thanks for your help!