The concept of our Community Impact Plans (CIP) are revolutionizing how Code Enforcement interacts with the Communities we serve. Using the best concepts from Community Policing and other Community Improvement Programs, we are developing comprehensive five point Community Impact Plans.

We are no longer waiting for issues to become problems and complaints to be filed. We are taking a proactive approach and maximizing our resources to prevent problems and to address them before they become major issues.

This process all started when the Department tackled the unique challenges of the community of Mecca. Code Enforcement took a fresh look at how we could partner with the community and identified numerous ways we could assist the community in improving their quality of life. Partnering with local churches, we started a progressive outreach campaign. A total of 920 people attended one of our five Community Meetings. Following a targeted enforcement period, dramatic changes were seen in Mecca. Most of which was from voluntary compliance without our staff even having to start an enforcement process.

Utilizing the successful model we developed in Mecca, our department has expanded this program to communities throughout the County. Our goal is to have a Community Impact Plan directing our activities in each communities we serve.

Eager to share this effective program with other jurisdictions, we submitted our Community Impact Plan process to the California State Association of Counties, and were awarded one of ten Challenge Awards for this fresh and innovative approach to addressing issues affecting the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.

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