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Currently cannabis businesses, including cultivation, are illegal in the unincorporated areas of Riverside County. The County is investigating potential cannabis regulations. Please visit the Cannabis webpage to learn more.

Neighborhood Clean-Up


 Code Enforcement leads Multi-Agency Clean-Up efforts on Marine Drive, East Hemet


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Prop 64 / Ord 925 Awareness

Cultivating Cannabis is still illegal in Unincorporated Riverside County. Read more by clicking the link below.
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Cannabis Cultivation

Riverside County Ordinance No. 925 prohibits and declares unlawful and a public nuisance, cannabis cultivation.  Read more by clicking the link below.
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Code Enforcement Volunteer Program


The County of Riverside is proud to announce the addition of a Code Enforcement Volunteer Program.       

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Junk Your Clunker Program

  As a public service of the Abandoned Vehicle Authority (AVA) Program, areas within unincorporated Riverside County can arrange to have the junk vehicle(s) removed from your property absolutely FREE of charge, if you qualify!
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Code Enforcement Department

Dedicated to serving the citizens of Riverside County

To enhance public safety and the quality of life in partnership with communities through fair enforcement of laws and codes.



Current Updates RE: Cannabis Regulation

Current Updates regarding Cannabis regulation
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Public Safety Notice

Mosquito Awareness - Help protect your family and community against Zika!
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Public Notice

Goldspotted Oak Borer - this pest is destroying three Oak tree species at an alarming rate!
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Prevent Fraud

Protect yourself from fraud. Verify any employee of a government agency or public utility before providing them with personal information or access to your property.
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