Mail In Permits

The Department of Building and Safety offers 6 different types of building permits obtainable through the mail. These permits do not require plan review and have standard set fees. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if the permit you are interested in obtaining is listed. Click on the item that you are interested in to see the specific requirements for that type of permit. If you do not meet the specific requirements or the permit you are seeking is not listed, then you must submit an application in person at one of our Permit Assistance Centers.

Before getting started you should first consider if you are going to do the work yourself or hire a licensed contractor to do the job. We recommend that you hire a qualified licensed contractor and require the contractor to obtain the building permit as part of the project agreement. This is simply because the permit holder is the party responsible for the work and complying with the codes and regulations. Also, under certain conditions the permit holder may be required to maintain workers compensation insurance coverage on all his/her employees should they become injured on the job. You can verify a contractor's license and registration at the California Contractors State License Board web site.

Start by printing the Mail-In Permit Application and carefully read the entire form before continuing. The cost of your building permit can be found by clicking on the List of Permit Fees. Complete and sign the application and mail (or deliver) the form along with a check payable to the "County of Riverside" to:

Department of Building and Safety
C/O Mail-In Permits
P.O. Box 1629
Riverside, CA 92502-1629

Please be aware that the submission of an application does not guarantee permit approval. Personnel in our Riverside office will process your application. Our staff will require 24 hours to process your application once received. Therefore, please do not call for inspections prior to that time.
Mail In Permit Permit Fee
Mail in Permit Application (Form 284-199A)
Convert from L.P.G. to Natural Gas (Form 284-067) $212.06
Miscellaneous Plumbing (Form 284-052) $212.06
Miscellaneous Mechanical (Form 284-058) $212.06
Replace Water Heater (Form 284-036) $212.06
Residential Roofing Installation/Replacement (Form 284-034) $212.06
Residential Electrical Service Upgrade (Form 284-074) $328.44